These terms and conditions govern your acquisition and use of our services. By accepting this agreement, you agree to the terms of this agreement. If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of a company or person you represent that you have the authority to these terms and conditions on their behalf. If you do not have such authority, or if you don not agree with these terms and conditions, you must not accept this agreement and may not use our services.

Table of Contents:

  1. Grocery Delivery
  2. The Beach Butlers Responsibilities
  3. Fees and Payment for Services
  4. Alcohol Delivery
  5. The Beach Butlers Rentals

  1. Grocery Delivery: When you use The Beach Butlers grocery delivery services, you authorize the purchase and delivery of those products that you requested through our website. You also acknowledge and agree that The Beach Butlers and their personal shoppers are acting as your agent in the selecting and delivery of the goods requested by you. You agree that The Beach Butlers will require a credit card authorization at the time of order being placed of $50.00 to authorize that your credit card is valid prior to the shopping of your order. Once you’re your order has been shopped and delivered, the $50.00 will be applied towards your purchases including any fee, taxes and tips. The $50.00 authorization fee is nonrefundable if you cancel your order later than 48 hours prior to your day of delivery.
  2. The Beach Butlers Responsibilities: The Beach Butlers and its affiliates will be responsible for the purchase and delivery of all goods requested by you. Upon receival of your grocery order, we are responsible for contacting you via email and phone to confirm the details of your order and get your credit card information personally. The Beach Butlers is responsible for choosing and purchasing the items on your list. We will do our best to find the specific items you have requested but you acknowledge that some substitutions may be made due to availability. If you are not satisfied with a substitution The Beach Butlers will be responsible to replace the substitution with something more suitable. The Beach Butlers are responsible for delivery on the day of your arrival as requested on the order form you completed. Although every effort will be made by The Beach Butlers and its personal shoppers to delivery and stock your order before your arrival, we can not guarantee it based on circumstances beyond our control.
  3. Fees and Payment for Services: By accepting this agreement you agree to pay The Beach Butlers their fee of $55 per hour (minimum of one (1) hour), plus 20% of your total grocery order plus any taxes and tips (or $20 for purchases under $100). For last minute (under five (5) days prior to arrival), an additional $25 service fee will be applied during peak season (April through August).
  4. Alcohol Delivery: You have the option to include the delivery of alcohol with your grocery order. A grocery order must be made for alcohol delivery to be available. You agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and not cause The Beach Butlers, your Personal Shopper, or any retailer to contravene any applicable laws. You agree that you are of legal drinking age for purchasing, processing, and consuming alcohol (21 yrs. of age or older in the United States). You agree that alcohol has not been purchased with the intent to resell the alcohol or provide the alcohol to someone who is not of legal age.
  5. The Beach Butlers Rentals: You agree to the terms and conditions with The Beach Butlers Rental policies. You agree and understand that your credit card will be charged for all rentals at the time of delivery through The Beach Butlers. You agree that you are responsible for the return of all rentals in the same condition in which you received it. You agree to pay for any damage or replacement of rentals if any rentals are damaged, stolen or lost. If you receive a damaged rental, please notify The Beach Butlers ASAP for a replacement.

You, the renter, agree to the replacement cost for lost, stolen or damaged items as follows:

  • Beach Chairs: $60.00
  • Beach Umbrella: $60.00
  • Beach Wagon: $110.00
  • Cooler: $25.00
  • Deluxe Play Yard: $85.00
  • Booster seat: $27.00
  • Highchair: $95.00
  • Pack-n-Play: $100.00
  • Cornhole game: $65.00

*The list above is not exclusive and may change at any time. You agree that you are responsible for the replacement or repair of all damaged rental items.

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