We are a local and family-owned business. 

We were introduced to South Walton and 30A as teenagers in the early 2000’s with us getting married in the fall of 2014.  We love everything about the area–the friendly people, beautiful beaches and the small-town beach life.

We decided that this is the area where we would love to live and raise a family. We have now extended our family with our 4 amazing, beautiful children. You can find us out and about having fun in our great community whether we are out on the baseball fields, in the dance studio or just checking out one of our local favorite spots.  This area is what we call our little piece of paradise.

We are so thankful to the Galiano family for the honor of allowing us the opportunity to continue The Beach Butlers. We are committed to continue the excellent service The Beach Butlers has provided its customers on the Emerald Coast since 2004.

Micah & Fallon Sheehan

What Our Customers Say…

“Just returned from a great week at the beach. We were so pleased with your services. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know and will never go to the store at the beach again! Thank you so much!”


“Thank you so much! Your service and attention to detail relieves all the stress out of the crowded shopping so we can get to the fun of the family vacation. We will continue to use The Beach Butlers.”


“Thank you so very much for doing our shopping for us. There are no words to describe how excited we were when we arrived and were able to just have fun due to your wonderful service!! You are the greatest!!!”


Thanks for the food set up. You did a great job! The order was the same as last year, and will be the same when we come back next year.


Appreciate the service, Bobbi! We were supposed to arrive at noon. Our flight was delayed, didn’t get to the beach house until 9:30PM! The family was starving! They were happy to be able to make sandwiches after a stressful travel day.


Thank you so much for stocking our kitchen for Thanksgiving week! Our first guests arrived to a nicely stocked refrigerator after a red-eye flight from the West Coast. Everything was exactly as I specified! It was great to hear our family members comment that you had chosen the brands that they use. Your service made my trip easier and more enjoyable. Thank you!

Jo Ann

My friend and her friends and family members arrived to find all the fabulous baked goods, fruit and treats. Deanna was so happy! She said it was awesome!!! What a big surprise for her to walk in and see such a beautiful array of goodies. I can’t thank you enough. I’m so glad I searched the internet and found the The Beach Butlers. It must be so gratifying to have a business that makes people so happy.
Thanks again, it truly was perfect and exactly what I wanted. I will definitely recommend The Beach Butlers.


The grocery delivery was great! Thanks again, this is such a treat. Tim is in heaven that we don’t need to brave the grocery store.


The Beach Butlers is the first thing I think about when I come to the beach. I have been using your service for five years and thank you again for grocery shopping for me.


Thank you so much for the excellent service!!!! What a relief to not have to go back out to the store after a 15–hour drive. It was awesome to walk in and have everything here! We will definitely call again and recommend your service to our family and friends.


Everything is great!!! Thank you so much. Your services are amazing — I will never come back without them. Thanks!


Great job. What a load off to have the shopping done. Thanks for helping us with a real vacation starter.


Thank you for having our food ready for us at our cottage. After our long 11–hour drive it was a relief not having to go to the store right away.


I was working and waited until the last minute to take care of my Thanksgiving shopping and you were there to help me. I hate to spend time in the grocery store during the holidays. It was sooo nice to come home and have all the ‘fixins’ I needed ready and waiting. Your service was so easy to use and is a real necessity to not only the visitors but even us locals on the Emerald Coast. Thank you, thank you!


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